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Alignment Essentials

Alignment Essentials

What They Do:

Alignment Essentials is a healthy lifestyle company.  Their Living in Alignment philosophy includes online live and streaming workouts, mediations, yoga and a 365-day course.  They also offer virtual experiences and in-person retreats as part of their overall program and have a clothing line called Warrior wAEr™.

Alignment Essentials

The Project:

Alignment Essentials came to CN & Co Creative Technologies with two challenges:


The first challenge was about functionality. They had not had positive experiences in the past with web developers and web designers.  As a result, they didn’t fully understand their hosting environment and had not been able to properly update or maintain their existing site in several years. They were looking for someone who would help them troubleshoot their issues with access to the site, who would work well with their team and who would train them how to properly update and maintain their site.

Secondly, Alignment Essentials felt their website was boxy and their program offerings didn’t stand out. After revamping their fonts, logo and colour scheme, the next step was refreshing the website to incorporate the new brand and to make the site easier to understand and navigate.  

They wanted to streamline the messaging and for the site to be brighter, with more visual elements, and more use of white space.

The Result

CN & Co Creative Technologies worked with Alignment Essentials to resolve their access issues. Cheri gave them training on the hosting configuration and explained why they had not been able to properly update their site.

Live in Alignment
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